Business development is the most crucial function of SMBs. But, the process of managing outbound sales for SMBs is inaccessible and difficult to navigate. Alternative solutions are 10x more expensive, time consuming, and risk burning your reputation.

CloudSale provides Business development bots that can be customized with a simple form submission. Bots will create, manage and iterate business development with outbound sales. Bots will also manage workflows including replies, follow-ups, check-ins and referrals; while optimizing for the perfect outbound sales sequences.

Our solution allows anyone to become an entrepreneur, anyone to scale their side hustle into their main hustle, and empowers founders to scale past founder-led sales.

Beyond this, our vision is to automate biz dev for every B2B industry (think: affiliate bot, promoter bot, wholesale bot, SaaS sales bot) through a market network, with our AI solution as the core.