The construction, inspection, and maintenance of the built environment remains highly labour intensive, poses significant health and safety risks to workers, and is under increasing pressure due to climate change and increasing urbanisation. Automation and use of robotic systems to ensure this infrastructure is constructed safely and maintained cost effectively is fundamental. However, a limiting factor in the automation of such tasks is the extreme environments that such robotics systems need to overcome.

Headlight AI are solving the complex sensing and data processing challenges associated with such extreme environments (e.g. underground, complete darkness, no GPS, confined spaces, adverse weather conditions) to ensure all conditions can be navigated effectively utilising robotics. They provide a data platform and integrated sensor systems for such environments that uses AI to analyse and report this data across Utilities, Rail, and Construction, where they are helping to assess the condition and locate this critical infrastructure.

We both came straight out of our PhDs to setup Headlight AI and solve major problems across sensing and data processing in extreme environments; EF was instrumental in helping us get off to a flying start.