Exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence and high-performance computing demands fast, low-power processors – needs
which can no longer be met by the current hardware. With the Moore’s law ending, scaling compute capability requires
solving data bandwidth bottlenecks to achieve high throughput beyond electrical IOs.

LightspeedAI Labs’ solution – LightComputeTM, a modular, low-power, scalable optoelectronic processor to accelerate HPC/AI applications in datacenters. Their lego-like processors are interconnected by high data-rate optical interconnects (> 3.6 Tbps). Their plan currently is to sell standard configuration hardware made with cost-effective lego-blocks as a packaged solution or to license the IP.

Rohin Yeluripati is an engineer with a PhD in Physics (2 publications). He began his career in STMicroelectronics and then founded an electronics R&D company. Here, he designed and built consumer/industrial electronics products (8 patents) and worked on projects ranging from designing semiconductor chips to building

P V Ramana brings in 30+ years of industry experience in Optoelectronics, IC packaging at IME, A* Star Singapore, DRDO working with Agilent, Avago, Philips etc. He consulted with numerous hardware MNCs and startups like Transcelestial (an EF Singapore company).

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Bangalore, 2019