Every year, US$960 billion is spent on fuel consumption by global merchant ships. Around 18% of the fuel is used to fight resistance caused by bio-mass grown on the ship hull. The current solution is to send divers down to inspect and clean the ship hull. This contaminates waters, harms marine life, and is banned in the majority of ports.

Neptune Robotics uses a world-first underwater drone plus data analytics to revitalise ships, effectively saving billions of dollars worth of fuel while protecting the marine ecosystem. This enables us to get access to any port in the world.

Neptune Robotics’ underwater drone has completed 8 trials and signed 1 paid contract in the past 3 months, including onsite deployments with several 400m long vessels at Hong Kong’s busiest port. With the second biggest ship manager in the world being our customer, more than 600 ships are in the pipeline waiting for our services.