Content creation is a booming $200bn market, and brands need to stand out by creating unique content in this crowded space. Tone of voice is what makes a brand’s content unique, and no brand has found a way to transform this subjective concept into a hard set of editorial guidelines to follow. This results in a long and painful collaboration process between tools and teams to approve content before release. This means that even with Generative AI’s breakthrough, brands will continue to rely on human copywriters as the gatekeepers of tone of voice, needing to review every single piece of content before release.

Newtone is building the first AI-powered platform capable of actually scaling branded content. They have developed a proprietary algorithm based on automated prompt learning. With very little brand data (newsletters, blogs etc), they are able to capture a brand’s tone of voice, translate it into a robust prompt to feed the AI, and perfectly replicate any brand’s writing style in seconds. Newtone actually unlocks the power of Generative AI for brands.

In just 3 months, their smart-content writer is being used by 14 customer brands, 20 brands sit on their waitlist and they have secured a design partnership with a $4bn marketplace.