Global Reveal 2022 - Portal Access

On 28th September, we’ll unveil 30+ new companies, backed by Entrepreneur First and raising their Seed round, at our Global Reveal.

If you’re an investor, would like to connect with our funding team ahead of the day, and receive details of how to access the investor portal, please fill in the form.

About Entrepreneur First

Backed by the founders of 11 Unicorns, including Stripe, Linkedin and WordPress, EF has built more than 600 startups collectively worth more than $10B, with our first 2015 fund currently sitting at a 12x multiple and 50% IRR.

We identify and back exceptional individuals based on their potential to found globally successful companies, and give them the tools they need to do so. Companies founded via our programme include Tractable (valued at $1B as of June 2021), Magic Pony Technology (acquired by Twitter for a reported $150M), Omnipresent ($120M Series B), accuRx (used by 99% of UK GPs), and Aztec ($17M Series A).


How our programme works

Our ultra-selective programme, ‘Form’, is run twice a year in six cities across the world. We accept applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, based on their abilities and behaviours as potential founders.

During Form, founders come together in one of our locations with the goal of finding the optimal co-founder, and develop an idea that they’re competitively positioned to build. In this time, founders are funded with a stipend to cover their living costs, ensuring their full attention is on their company.

At the end of three months, the newly-formed startups pitch to our Investment Committee (composed of industry experts) for a first pre-seed investment and entry to the second stage of our programme, ‘Launch’. We keep this process competitive – only c. ⅓ of companies are funded.

Throughout Launch, we give our startups access to dedicated Venture Partners and advisors. Towards the end of this period, we offer teams numerous opportunities to meet and connect with our network of investors, including dedicated introductions and events, with most teams then going out to raise their Seed round at completion of the programme.

How we work with investors

Entrepreneur First has built a world-leading network of investors, who receive access to our companies at the earliest stages. 

We work closely with investment partners to identify companies fitting their thesis, and on an exceptional trajectory. 

To connect with our funding team, please fill in the form.