Located within Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus, our Paris cohorts bring together exceptional people to build globally important companies.

Building across a variety of sectors including industry 4.0, retail and healthcare, our Paris companies have gained huge amounts of traction in a short amount of time.

In Paris, we run both our Core and Graduate programmes.

Our community

We’ve welcomed founders from a huge variety of professional and academic backgrounds to apply their unique insight.

What they all had in common was a commitment to building an innovative startup now. These are the challengers; the driven; the leaders; the ones with the potential to found globally important companies.

Meet our Paris community
“In less than two months, I felt I’d reached out and I’d done something much faster than what I’d done in all my academic years, which have given me my background, but didn’t give me this freedom of saying that I can do whatever I want in this world and leave a mark.”
Life on the platform

"They help you to be able to focus on what matters."

Hubert, CEO of Leakmited which he founded through our platform, shares the value of the EF team.

How our platform works

Paris FAQs


Do I need to be able to speak a particular language?


The platform is run in English, and is the common language used by participants amongst each other. Therefore, you will need to be comfortable speaking and working in English.

You therefore do not need to be able to speak French in order to take part – however, it’s always helpful to have some proficiency as you’ll be living and working in Paris for the duration of the platform.


Can I get a visa to take part?


We are able to connect offer holders for our Paris platform with immigration specialists who can support in your relocation and provide you with the visa options based on your personal circumstances.


How does financial support during Form work in Paris?


Entrepreneur First funds you as an individual from Day 1, and if you form a company, we are your first investor. To start we will pay you €2,000 a month for 3 months during Form. If you leave Entrepreneur First at the end of Form or Launch the stipend is yours to keep.


How does investment during Launch work?


If you are successful at the Investment Committee, at the start of Launch, we will make our first investment in your company. We invest £80,000, along with the stipends paid in the first part of the platform, for 10% of your company.