When you join EF, you’ll join a network of some of the world’s best founders, investors, and operators.

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We believe the best advisors are those that have a deep relationship with the founders. That’s why we’ve designed a mentoring program with former founders and operators who will push you to greatness.

Once you’ve formed your team, you’ll meet them weekly. They’ll support you with developing your initial idea all the way through to fundraising. Often, your advisor will maintain a long term advisory relationship with you and your company as you scale.

You’ll also have a dedicated Talent Investor to support you as an individual and to ensure you can maximise your chances of success during the program. 

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Joining EF gives you unparalleled access to our extensive global fundraising network. We have relationships with some of the world’s best VCs and angels to support you to raise the best seed round possible. 

For example, we’ve recently coinvested with a16z, Sequoia, First Round Capital and Khosla Ventures.

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We’re backed by the founders behind some of the world’s most successful tech startups, including Stripe, LinkedIn, GitHub and WordPress. Hear their off-the-record founder stories in our Luminary Series delivered throughout the program. 

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Ed Alun Jones headshot
Ed Alun-Jones
Cofounder and CEO Worldover
“Fundraising is a momentum game. Entrepreneur First were instrumental in getting us the outcome we did. Having raised money both inside and outside of EF, the difference is night and day. You still have to build an amazing company, but if you do they get you the other crucial element you need - exposure.”


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