We run programs in our four hub cities across North America, Europe and Asia.

Do I need a visa?

You may need a visa to relocate to Bangalore.

In many circumstances, we can offer support to help you apply for a visa, if required. However it is dependent on your circumstance and background.

Do I need to relocate to Bangalore?

Yes, people we select relocate to join us from all over the world.  Our programs are run in person at our office in Bangalore. 

There’s no commitment to stay in Bangalore after the program.

What financial support do I receive on the program?

On the program, founders will receive a stipend payment of INR100,000 per month for the first twelve weeks of Form. This payment will begin in the first month of joining the program, and will be paid to those fully committed to the program. 

The stipend is typically used to cover basic housing and living costs. 


What are the investment terms?

The investment is a net amount of US$100,000 via an issue of compulsorily convertible preference shares for 10% equity in the company. Investment decisions are made at Investment Committee, which takes place at the end of Form, the first twelve weeks of the program. 

Those companies that are successful at Investment Committee continue their journey with EF through Launch, our program designed to help you secure your seed round.

Do I get taxed on the stipend?

Entrepreneur First pays out the stipend gross of tax, meaning the full amount will hit your bank account. This is part of our potential investment in your company and is not to be treated as salary or employment income. We cannot give you tax advice, but it is your duty to make any relevant disclosures in your personal tax return (if required).

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