We carefully select our cohorts to contain a mix of exceptional talent. This gives you the unique opportunity to fast-track the process of finding someone as ambitious, committed and dedicated to their work as you.

During this time, we pay you to find a co-founder. Yes, really. We’ll give you a monthly stipend to help with living costs so that you can focus on the first stages of building your company. It’s not a loan and you don’t have to pay it back.

Building your team

Looking for a CEO to scale your research, or a CTO to bring your idea to life? You’ll find them here.

As you meet potential co-founders, you’ll discuss ideas, the projects you want to work on and the companies you could build together.

“When Raz introduced himself, and I heard about his skillset, I thought ‘this is the guy.’ After pulling an all-nighter of programming on our first day, we realised we had similar work ethics and decided to form a team.”
Support from expert mentors

We know what makes a strong founding partnership - and we know what doesn’t.

We facilitate the team building process to accelerate finding the right person to build a business with, and help you refine your competitive edge to pinpoint an idea you are uniquely placed to build together.

“EF create a culture where it’s normal to co-found with someone within a few days of meeting them, and that only works because the selection process is so vigorous.

At the same time, though, there’s a culture of “break up as soon as it’s not working” – with none of the awkwardness or hard feelings that commonly hinder progress.”
Investment Committee

At the end of Form, you and your co-founder will pitch to our Investment Committee.

If successful, you’ll receive your initial pre-seed investment and proceed to the next part of the platform.

It’s competitive, and we only fund 40-50% of teams – those with the potential to become globally important companies.

If you’re not funded, we support you to find the right next step. Many of our cohort go on to become early employees of other companies on the platform, or rejoin at a future stage. 


How does financial support during Form work?


Entrepreneur First funds you as an individual from Day 1, and if you form a company, we are your first investor.  To start we will pay you £2,000 per month in London /100,000 INR in Bangalore / €2,000 a month in Paris for 3 months during Form. If you leave Entrepreneur First at the end of Form or Launch the stipend is yours to keep.


Is there a restriction / preference for what I work on?


No – we don’t tell you what to work on or give you ideas. We’ll facilitate team-building and ideation and have several frameworks and tools to help you reach the strongest founder-idea fit. We’re most interested in building companies which are technically defensible and can become globally significant.


Do you offer office space?


Yes – we have co-working spaces in each of our locations, which are accessible 24/7 to cohort members. The buildings have wifi, coffee and tea facilities and events space.


What happens if I don’t build a company at Entrepreneur First?


You will gain invaluable founder experience which will equip you with many transferable skills for whatever you choose to do next. Many of our alumni join existing Entrepreneur First portfolio companies and we help with introductions. Some return to academia, others to industry. We will work with you to help you figure out what the best next steps might look like and support you along the way.

Regardless of what you choose to do you will always be part of the Entrepreneur First community – and perhaps even re-apply to join a later cohort, as many have done. There is also no need to give the stipend back – that is yours to keep.

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