Once we’ve confirmed your place, we’ll send you an invitation to a kick-off event – one of the most exciting and intense experiences of your life.

These events give you an opportunity to quickly meet, trial working and socialise with the rest of your cohort and the EF team. It’s the best, fastest and most fun way to get to know your potential co-founders and the community you’ll be going on your founder journey with.

Our founders reflect on Day 1 of kick-off weekend

Even before kick-off weekend, we’ll send you a bunch of reading material to set you up for the journey. And most people choose to meet other cohort members (remotely or otherwise) ahead of the platform to get a head start.

“I remember being overwhelmed at the kick-off weekend, thinking how do I put myself out there.

But most people are capable of so much more than they think, and now I run my own company with a co-founder who I wouldn’t have even met if it weren’t for EF.”

Preparation FAQs

Do I have to relocate to take part?

Yes – Entrepreneur First is based in London, Singapore, Toronto, Bangalore, Paris and Berlin (whichever is closest to you).

People we select relocate to join us from all over the world. In some locations we can offer support to help you apply for a visa if required and to help you settle into the regions. There’s no commitment to stay in any of those locations after the cohort ends, though most of our alumni do.

How do I know who’s in my cohort?

If we make you an offer, we’ll invite you to cohort meetups before the event and give you a login to our cohort dashboard. This contains everyone’s searchable profiles, so you can begin thinking about who would make a great co-founder for you and reach out before the platform even starts.

We take cohort composition seriously – every offer is made based on degrees of likelihood you’ll meet a suitable co-founder.

Will kick-off events still take place in the COVID-19 pandemic?

The safety and comfort of our cohort is our top priority, as well as ensuring we’re contributing to efforts to contain the spread of the virus. We’re keeping a close eye on local and international restrictions and cases, and making informed decisions on how we run all elements of the platform, including kick-off events.

Up Next

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