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Bangalore boasts some of the world’s top talent, universities and tech startups. We welcomed our first cohort here in 2019, and have since funded 34 groundbreaking companies with the potential for global impact.

Building across a wide range of sectors, our India portfolio includes Unbox Robotics, a warehouse automation startup that recently raised a $500,000 seed round, and QZense, who are using near-infrared spectroscopy to detect food spoilage and reduce profit loss and waste.

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The Bangalore Team

Venture Partners

Our Venture Partners provide dedicated support to founders in the second half of the platform, bringing their world-leading expertise as entrepreneurs, investors and advisors to push you and your startup to success.


Why build in Bangalore?

India has an extraordinary talent pool. Much of Silicon Valley  is run by entrepreneurs and executives who started life in India. And increasingly founders no longer believe they have to leave India to have an extraordinary impact: it’s clear that you can build globally competitive technology companies in India.

Our job is to accelerate this trend tenfold. We believe that a disproportionate share of the next decade’s deep tech giants will be built in India and we want to play a major role in making that happen.

“One key problem has been finding an ideal co-founder who has the same passion, and having mentors who can guide you through the entrepreneurial journey so you won't repeat the same mistakes.

Both these problems are solved by Entrepreneur First.”
Our Community

Talent from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise.

You’ll meet people like Rimjhim, who wanted to use the algorithms she developed during her PhD for real-world impact, and Zaraif, who after four years in a corporate job, knew he had the skills needed to solve common problems in his industry.

Meet our Bangalore community

Is now the right time to startup?

In the last three Entrepreneur First India cohorts, we’ve produced and funded 21 cutting-edge tech startups. Our entrepreneurs have found that challenging times are also times of great opportunity – consumer behaviours are changing rapidly and giving rise to new problems that need solving.  Being the ‘first to move’ in new areas also gives founders a huge advantage. 

We’re continuing to accelerate entrepreneurial journeys with mentorship, financial support, and a network of high potential prospective co-founders, while taking appropriate measures to keep everyone involved safe. Some of the most exciting and rapidly growing startups from our portfolio were formed during the pandemic. You could be next.

What will the mode of delivery be for the upcoming cohort?

Having carried out both remote and in-person cohorts, we believe the best way to deliver your programme and ensure you can work closely with your co-founder is by working with a hybrid model. 

In the hybrid model, group sessions, involving the entire cohort, will take place virtually. Meanwhile, cohort members will meet 1:1 in person – either to brainstorm ideas with potential co-founders or to work on their business once they team up with a co-founder en route to building a world class company. There are bookable meeting rooms available in our office in HSR Layout to facilitate such discussions, if needed.

Will I need to relocate to Bangalore?

Yes. As mentioned above, a lot of the 1:1 discussions between cohort members and with EF team members will happen in person and hence all cohort members need to be located in Bangalore by the start of the program on 30th Aug. In case of exceptional circumstances due to the pandemic, we will be flexible with the exact date of shifting to Bangalore.

Is there the option of taking a sabbatical from my current organisation?

One of the biggest value propositions of EF is that you get to meet exceptional, like-minded people, all of whom are committed to starting a company. For this reason, we don’t encourage sabbaticals. However, if there is an exceptional circumstance, please reach out and we are happy to discuss your particular situation.

My degree is likely to get delayed and might finish after the start of the cohort. How do I get around this?

Please note the start date of the BA6 cohort is 30th August, 2021. From that date, you will be required to commit your full time attention to the program. However, if you only expect to be away for a few days for thesis submission and defense after that date, this is permissible.

If your course is likely to finish after this date and you expect to spend a significant time on your degree/course, please reach out to our team to let us know and we can explore your application for the next cohort.

“I remember being overwhelmed at the kick-off weekend, thinking how do I put myself out there. But most people are capable of so much more than they think, and now I run my own company with a co-founder who I wouldn’t have even met if it weren’t for EF.”
Investor Day

Watch the pitches from our Bangalore 3 Investor Day, and request a meeting with our teams

“From being the platform where we met and started off as co-founders, to guiding us to go after a globally impactful mission and even choosing us as one of the few companies they led the seed round for, EF has been at the heart of our company’s growth journey since the beginning.”