Julia Fan Li

CEO, Micrographia Bio

Micrographia Bio
Interests / background:
Biotechnology, Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine
London 13

Julia Fan Li is Co-Founder & CEO of Micrographia Bio, an engineering-driven techbio company with a mission to accelerate drug discovery using spatial proteomics. Prior to Micrographia Bio, she was at the forefront of the genomics revolution, leading scale-up efforts for Seven Bridges Genomics in the UK.

Stemming from her PhD in innovative finance for global health at Cambridge University, she previously was co-founder of the Global Health Investment Fund – a pioneering $108M late-stage venture fund to invest in therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics and devices for diseases which disproportionately affect low and middle-income countries. The GHIF was launched at UNGA in September 2013 by Bill Gates and Jamie Dimon.

Julia obtained her B.Comm (double major in finance and immunology) from UBC and worked in healthcare financial services (as a Chartered Accountant) across four continents. She is passionate about drug discovery and innovative finance structures that can accelerate biomedical R&D.


Micrographia Bio

Transforming drug discovery through spatial proteomics.
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