Announcing Global Reveal, Demo Day 2022

Matt Clifford
22 September, 2022

I’m excited to announce that Entrepreneur First will be hosting our first Global Reveal on the 28th September, unveiling 30+ new companies innovating across sustainability, healthcare, web3, finance, the consumer space and more. 

Replacing our previous Demo Days, Global Reveal 2022 will take place via a digital portal, giving you the opportunity to search, filter and learn more about the companies at your own pace, before requesting meetings with the teams you want to meet. 

Entrepreneur First runs programmes in six cities across the world. From tens of thousands of applications from aspiring founders, we select the very few we believe are capable of building billion-dollar companies.  We invite them to leave their jobs or academic positions and spend three months getting paid to test ideas and co-founders with a community of other exceptional people. 

At the end of this period, we back the best of the best. That’s who we’re now ready to introduce: more than 30 companies, backed by us at inception, ready for the next stage of their journey.

Our model has so far produced a long list of outstanding companies that wouldn’t have otherwise existed – including Tractable, accuRx, Cleo, Aztec, Omnipresent, Friday Finance, and Transcelestial

This is your opportunity to meet the next generation of winners right from the start.

The companies we’ll reveal are hugely diverse, tackling issues from commerce to crypto, sustainability to supply chains. We have companies tackling issues as varied as creating a factory in space; producing non-polluting decaffeinated coffee; and providing on the spot diagnosis for women’s health issues. 

You’re not going to want to miss this. Join us on 28th September.


Connect with our funding team ahead of Global Reveal.

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