Episode 1: Honesty and Communication

Dr Gena Gorlin speaks with Fabien Koutchekian, who founded his company Genomines last year, about the value of openness and honesty while founding a company.

Episode 2: Validation Seeking

Britta Srivas speaks to Dr Gena Gorlin about hitting the rest button on her founding journey, after identifying and overcoming her tendency to seek validation.

Episode 3: Team Dynamics

Kit and Charlie, the co-founders of fitness app Avie, speak with psychologist Gena Gorlin about how to overcome your own insecurities to build a strong, productive team.

Episode 4: Co-Founder Breakups

Not every co-founding relationship lasts forever. On this episode of The Founder’s Mindset, Sidsel Løschenkohl joins psychologist Gena Gorlin to explore why that’s okay.

Episode 5: Starting Over

There's plenty to learn from anyone who has been through the founder process, but what about someone who has gone through the journey twice? Camin McCluskey tells us about his experience.
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