Are you what you build? Lessons from conversations with founders

When you’re someone who’s as ambitious and driven as founders tend to be, it can be hard not to merge your personal identity with your company - despite all advice to the contrary. Alice Bentinck and Gena Gorlin reflect on the insightful conversations we’ve had around entrepreneurship and self on this season of The Founder's Mindset.

Wanting it All, or Nothing at All: A Case for Being ‘Married to your Work’

In this episode, psychologist Dr. Gena Gorlin speaks to Ray and Rebecca Girn, two people who utterly defy all conventional wisdom about maintaining work-life balance. When it comes to both work and love, they are, as they often describe it, “all in”. They’re part of the founding team of Higher Ground Education, which offers a radically different kind of education.

The Psychology of Serial Founding

What are the psychological building blocks that support a serial founder’s journey from ideation, to massive growth, to acquisition, to building again—and again? Dr Gena Gorlin joins serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur Keith Schacht, who has founded and sold 4 companies, and is now working on number 5, to explore.

A Study in Opposites? The Real (and Counterintuitive) Makings of a Strong Co-founding Team

Jack and Rob, the co-founders of social sports prediction platform Herd, join psychologist Dr. Gena Gorlin to explore the core ingredients of a functional co-founder relationship, and what they've done to turn their differences into a feature rather than a bug.

Vision or delusion? When to believe in your version of the future

How do you keep your convictions in the face of 'no's? Theo co-founders Victor and Aswin join psychologist Dr Gena Gorlin to reflect on their journey building a company with a bold vision of the future.
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