#4: How to find an idea

“I don’t have the right idea” is one of the most common objections we hear from would-be founders. But this is also one of the biggest myths in startups; rather than an ‘aha’ moment, building a startup idea is a learnable, methodical process.

In this episode of How to be a Founder, Matt and Alice answer some of the most critical questions behind finding an idea for your startup, including how to start ideating; how to find the problem you are best suited to solve; how to get to product market fit; and when to pivot.

Along the way, they’re joined by Elaf Deyab and Kit Burgess, co-founders of Miodo, to answer their questions, and support a founder who isn’t sure whether to work on their passion, or their competitive edge.

For more insights on how to find an idea, Matt and Alice’s book ‘How to be a Founder’ is out now. Visit howtobeafounder.com for more information and to order your copy.