Hannah Burrow is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kiroku, a company that automatically writes clinical notes for dentists.

Kiroku, which is Japanese for “to document or record,” uses a unique combination of speech recognition and natural language processing to produce expert level notes, which has the potential to save $40 billion worldwide in the dental market alone.

Hannah met her co founder Jay on EF8 and since pitching to investors at Demo Day, they’ve been developing the product further and are currently trialling it to a closed group of beta testers.

Hannah qualified as a dentist from the University of Bristol and since then, she’s worked in practice, hospitals, and public health. While in practice she optimised her workflow by developing educational software for patients and joined EF8 with the intention of solving some of the problems she’d faced in the industry.

In this episode we discuss:

– Her experience in the dental industry and why she decided to join EF
– The early stages of customer development for Kiroku, where Hannah used low tech “pretotyping” by transcribing conversations into clinical notes for dentists herself
– How Hannah has gained the technical knowledge needed to run a deep tech company

We also dive into Hannah’s advice on pitching, her experiences on EF and how she started working with her co-founder Jai on the program, so the conversation will offer you a combination of solid practical advice and insight into what it’s actually like to build a company on EF.