Rafel Jorda Siquier is the founder of Open Cosmos, a company making space missions simple and affordable. They provide customers with a development kit and simulator so they can build the technology at their own pace and when they’re ready, Open Cosmos takes care of all the paperwork, integrates it into their nanosatellite alongside other customers and puts it into space.

This has game changing implications for a number of industries, because making satellite more accessible opens up the potential for everything from the prediction of agricultural yields to the global internet of things and big infrastructure monitoring.

Rafael was on EF5 and his company has made remarkable progress in the last few years, turning Open Cosmos into a one-stop shop to orbit and allowing for mass customization, which reduces costs from the millions down to a few hundred thousand.

He is an aerospace engineer with an MBA and a background in both space startups and big industry players like Airbus where he was working before starting Open Cosmos.

In this conversation we dive into Rafael’s personal story, everything he’s learned about finding product market fit and hiring in the process of building Open Cosmos and what he’s learned about himself along the way.