Rohit Jha is the co-founder of Transcelestial, a company developing a laser communication solution to replace existing wireless communication technology.

In the next decade 3 billion people and 50 billion devices will come online – but the global infrastructure we have in place at the moment isn’t sufficient to provide the required speed and flexibility to manage our needs as a planet.

And that’s where Transcelestial comes in – they’re developing the fastest, long-distance, point-to-point wireless communication network possible.

This will be delivered as a space data network for terrestrial and satellite applications, which will use lasers to transfer data at up to 1000x faster than what’s currently available.

Rohit met his co-founder Danesh on the first day of EFSG1 and since then the two have never looked back.

Rohit earned a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NTU and worked in the RBS FX Electronic Markets Team on low-latency communications and highly scalable software systems before joining EF to start a company.

In this episode Rohit we discuss:

  • His fascination with space and how his upbringing influenced his choice to become an entrepreneur.
  • How Rohit met his Co-Founder Danesh on day one of the first EF cohort in Singapore.
  • How Transcelestial built their first prototype after a brainwave in a pub before Investor Committee.

Rohit and his co-founder Danesh are building the definition of a globally ambitious company and it was great to dig into some of the stories behind the startup as well as getting an insight into the future of communications technology.