Founder Identity – Are You Your Company?

Welcome back to The Founder’s Mindset, exploring the psychology behind founding world-leading technology companies.

In this new season, we’ll be featuring a wide range of guests from every stage of the founding journey, from pre-seed, to exit, and beyond. Through these conversations, we’ll get inside the head and heart of our guests, extracting insights that you can apply to your own journey as we go.

Today, Dr Gena Gorlin speaks with Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford to learn about their journeys as co-founders of Entrepreneur First.

It’s been ten years since they both left their jobs at McKinsey to start EF. Since, they’ve produced over 500 companies worth over $10B. In June 2022, Alice and Matt announced the raise of EF’s $158M Series C to power the next generation of founders. So it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down anytime soon.

EF has become a world-leading authority in how to find the right co-founder and build a globally important company. But what about the co-founders of EF themselves? Has it always been smooth sailing for Matt and Alice? What have they learned about themselves and each other along the way? And how do you learn to trust somebody enough to build your life’s work together?

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