Reflections on a remote programme – Bangalore

Esha Tiwary
3 September, 2020

Just under six months ago, we were welcoming our next cohorts in Bangalore, London, Paris and Berlin. But our programme wasn’t going to run as normal.

With the global pandemic, the world moved to a new way of living, and we made the swift decision to make all of our programmes remote.

We welcomed our new cohorts online, with people meeting their potential co-founders for the first time over video calls. Unrestricted, they’ve formed founding partnerships, built companies, and are now preparing to pitch to investors.

In the run up to our Virtual Investor Days, our General Managers are reflecting on what it’s been like to run the programme remotely.

Here, Esha Tiwary (General Manager, Entrepreneur First India), shares her insight.

Our third Bangalore cohort faced huge amounts of headwinds. However, they embraced the challenge and are committed to turning adversity into opportunity.

We’re showcasing 6 teams from this cohort at this Investor Day, and they are all using technology to solve problems in industries ranging from Retail and Fintech to Edtech and Logistics.

Many have been able to grow their businesses around the innovation opportunities the ‘new world’ brings. One of our companies has married cutting edge neuroscience with AI to solve engagement challenges seen by the now booming EdTech industry.

It is always exciting to see the impactful companies that can be built at the intersection of two bright minds. We’ll introduce a company that are using the power of real time data to transform decision making capabilities of consumer brands through AI and computer vision. The business brings together the AI skillset of one founder, and another’s experience in retail markets, to build a company only these two people could make.

People often say that times of adversity give rise to exceptional entrepreneurs. The founders in this cohort have proved that to be true beyond doubt.

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