upcoming EUR13 Demo Day

Replacing our Europe 13 Demo Day to counteract the impact of Coronavirus
10 March, 2020

After listening to feedback from our cohort and investors and following our similar recent steps in Singapore, we are replacing our in-person EUR13 Demo Day with an online unveiling of our latest cohorts. These changes are to maximise the impact with which we celebrate the graduation of our latest batch of tech startups from our London, Paris and Berlin cohorts. 

We noted that current government guidance remains permissive of such events, no contact or infections have been reported from any of the attendees, and we didn’t expect any specific risk from hosting Demo Day. However we have heard that Demo Day is not currently the desired format for successful interactions between the several hundred attendees travelling from different locations.

Individual meetings between our startups and investors will continue to take place as scheduled, commencing Friday 27th March. Following our recent experience in Singapore we expect increased attendance, and will be adding capacity accordingly.

The in-person Demo Day event scheduled for 26th March in London will no longer take place; instead please keep an eye on our dedicated webpage at joinef.com/europe13 for an online unveiling of our EUR13 startups on the day including video pitches and further information.

We’d like to thank the cross-section of our startups, investors & partners that we consulted to figure out the best way to serve them in the current climate. 

Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to be considered for Investor Office Hours, and we look forward to sharing our newest cohort with you on 26th March.

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