If you don’t currently have the right to work in any of the countries we operate in, some of our locations are able to support successful applicants to apply for a visa in order to take part. 

You can find details of the support we offer by location below.

Please note that if you will require a visa, you must apply before each cohort’s early deadline.


If you have been successfully accepted to attend our London programme, we, as an Endorsing Body, might be able to endorse you for a Start-up Visa depending on your  circumstances and the ability to satisfy certain criteria. Alternative visas are available – please speak to your dedicated Talent Associate and they will be able to provide you with more details and introduce you to an immigration advisor who can assist you. 


We are able to connect offer holders for our Paris programme with immigration specialists who can support in your relocation and provide you with the visa options based on your personal circumstances.


We will only accept candidates for our programme that hold the right to work and/or run a company in Germany.


We are able to support offer holders for our Singapore programme in applying for a visa to come to Singapore, or for foreigners to remain in Singapore if they are already based in the country.


We regret that we are unable to provide support to candidates requiring an Indian visa. If you wish to apply for our Bangalore programme and do not have the right to work in India, it will be your responsibility to apply for and procure a visa.


Currently, all applicants must be Canadian, have Permanent Resident Status, an Open Work Permit, or a Study Permit. If you wish to apply for our Toronto program and do not have the right to work or study in Canada, it will be your responsibility to apply for and procure a visa.

If you have any further questions about visas or immigration, please contact us.