Over the last 20 years, while the rise of SaaS gave more capabilities to business users, it also created a challenge from a connectivity perspective. According to Forrester, the number of SaaS vendors will reach 1M in 2027, 10 times today’s number, making the challenge stronger.

Blendeez provides a smart no code automation platform to create workflows between software at the speed of light. The platform relies on a powerful abstraction layer that allows business users to create complex automations at scale, shipped in a handy interface.

The company is working with well-known customers, such as Qare, Funbreak and Andjaro. They also built strong partnerships with software vendors and is backed by a top team of advisors with decades of experience in software.

Blendeez pitch at our Europe 13 Demo Day

Blendeez has become a central tool for our company. It facilitates the organisation of our operational teams and saves us a phenomenal amount of time in execution.
Lucas Tighilt, CRM Manager, Qare