Candu is a no-code web builder, empowering teams to create intuitive product experiences that bring joy to users. Through a wide selection of customizable templates and use cases, Candu enables its users to build, embed, and iterate on user interfaces easily and rapidly.

Candu integrates smoothly with leading product engagement platforms and has been adopted by companies such as LaunchDarkly, Thought Industries, and SeenIt. These enterprises rely on Candu to deliver an outstanding user experience, accelerated iteration, and seamless implementation as they free up engineering teams to focus on core product features.

Organizations buy software for different reasons. They’ll have different use cases — different priorities — but we drop everyone in the same product experience.

With Candu, a company could be on the phone with a customer, understand their use case, and make a change to their product onboarding in real time. I think it’s a huge jump in leveraging your customer success team.
Villi Iltchev Partner at Two Sigma Ventures