Fello is a fintech startup that leverages its proprietary games to turn Gen-Z gamers into financial investors.

The Gen-Z of India is inherently disinclined towards healthy finance with a poor savings history and lack of investment awareness; this is contrasted by a growing inclination towards paid games where they spend up to US$5 every month.

Fello aims to address this by merging the world of gaming and finance with an innovative application where the Gen-Z users can play and win big, just by saving. Soon after launch, Fello quickly gained over 2000 users, with 70% of the investing users making their first ever investment, 60% recurring investors and 75% referred users. Fello has partnered with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund and Augmont gold as their fund partners, and CIIE of IIM-A as their fintech advisors.

Fello pitch at BA4 Demo Day