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Flaime is revolutionising cloud gaming. Our rendering technology will enable content producers to deliver their games at scale, in AAA quality and on any device, at a fraction of the cost.

Market leaders (e.g. Google) are racing to build the Netflix of games, which will be disastrous for independent publishers. Our mission is to put the power back in the hands of developers by providing a cost effective and high-quality solution for delivering cloud content.

We are building a patent portfolio and are backed by world leading advisors.

Sharon Reid has 20 years experience in the entertainment industry and has been involved in gaming since the start of her career. From launching games on the first PlayStation through to productions that blur the lines of film and gaming, her work sits at the intersection of VFX, entertainment and games.

Dr Davy Smith is an AI researcher (PhD in neuro-evolutionary algorithm design), with a post-doc in interactive and adaptive broadcasting technologies (University of York, BBC R&D) and a background in creative practice (MRes Digital Media). He has also scaled AI start-up tech stacks.

Flaime pitch at our Europe 13 Demo Day.

London, 2020