As you progress in your career and start to earn more, your wealth needs, expectations, and opportunities change.

So why do the >4m ‘mass affluent’ millennials in the UK (with £50k – £2m in investable assets) only have access to generic, mass-market wealth tools, when they want and would benefit from more sophistication and personalisation? Because that’s only available at top-tier firms like Goldman Sachs or Rothschild, which they can’t access.

At narrative, we’re bringing the most relevant wealth management tools to them, starting with completely personalised portfolios and sophisticated algorithms which cut your tax bill, saving most people at least £600 per year. Our cutting-edge tech means we can adjust your portfolio to your goals, values, beliefs, and life, instead of investing in generic funds.

We already have 100+ users building virtual portfolios and learning tax saving tips on our live beta, and we’re ready to move at pace as we target FCA authorisation, having agreements with key infrastructure and regulatory partners.