Are you what you build? Lessons from conversations with founders

When you’re someone who’s as ambitious and driven as founders tend to be, it can be hard not to merge your personal identity with your company – despite all advice to the contrary. No-where has this been clearer than the conversations we’ve had this season of ‘The Founder’s Mindset’.

In this episode, Alice Bentinck and Gena Gorlin reflect on the insightful conversations we’ve had around entrepreneurship and personal identity. They share their learnings, including on:

  • How to deal with failure when it feels close to home.
  • What motivates and inspires the most successful founders
  • How to reconcile differences in motivation between you and your co-founder.
  • How to cope with stress.
    How to build resilience.

We hope you’ve found these conversations as valuable and thought-provoking as we have.

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